Candle spells for love everyone does understand and feel love in various ways. Since we all do differ in personalities so are the various ways that we do feel aout the specific things mostly love. There is no a perfect defitination of love as i have mention above that each individual explains, loves and feels love differently.

Did you know that for all love issues not only love but all issues that humans are facing today in whatever circumstance or situation there is a perfect solution and remedy for it which is indeed very easy and effective that is the use of spells.

No tree can come out of soil without its rules nor the any kind of a plant so it is the same to everyone including you reading my words now. Yes the world is now more of the mordernised place but we are the same people who live in it. Life is too short to worry about things that already do have a remedy. Make the use of spells in all aspects of life for a easy unstressful life.

The candle spells for love

These are the various spells of love that do have candles in the ingredients in most of them the spell do rotate around the use of the candle to attract energy powers to you so that you can achieve what you want to benefit from that particular spell.

Candle love spell with the use of candle wax

Candle Wax Spells That Work For True Love
The number 3 really is powerful in the Wiccan world, which is why so many of my spells utilize it. This one is no exception. You’ll need to have:

3 slim red candles (the taper kind)
Length of red yarn or string
Rose oil
Yarrow oil
Lavender oil
Something sharp to inscribe the candles.
Carve a heart with a little pentacle inside on all three candles. It doesn’t need to be artistically perfect, just a rough symbol is fine. Anoint each candle with one of the oils, and then bundle them together with the yarn so that their symbols are all touching the the middle of the group. Tie the string in a bow and set them up in a candle holder or dish.

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